It takes a long time to grow an old friend. ~John Leonard


Picture it. Las Vegas. 1998. Two enthusiastic and imaginative kids meet in Joy Demain’s theater class at Cimarron-Memorial High School. Both are full of love, both are full of dreams, both yearn to be in the spotlight, oh… and both are gay.




Friends are family you choose ~Unknown

No one could have predicted life’s up’s and down’s, and how close they would truly bond Keriann Parkes and Justin Rodriguez. From Keriann finding a post-high school home with Justin’s family, to finding many homes (and relationships) around the country; and Justin traveling the world near and far, meeting up with Keriann everywhere from NYC to Hawaii. Justin and Keriann have built their bond over both amazing, and heartbreaking experiences. Growing stronger everyday.


Talks about co-parenting started a long, long time ago. In a high school theater, to be precise. One day, seemingly out of nowhere, Justin said to Keriann: “We’re going to make a baby together”… and well, it stuck. It became a plan. It became a subject of conversation many, many times. So much so that people in their lives often asked “So when is this ‘baby thing’ going to happen…?”. The time is now.

















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